The 4th Annual China Nuclear Power Leadership Summit 2012 Will Be Held on April 19th-20th in Beijing, China


SHANGHAI--(Business Wire)--While the Fukushima catastrophe was an alert for China's stride in its nuclear power industry, the Chinese government is still firmly determined to develop the industry in a safe manner. With the release of various laws, regulations and standards, the domestic nuclear power market is expected to see a recovery. Against the background, the 4th Annual China Nuclear Power Leadership Summit 2012 will be held in Beijing on April 19th-20th.
After the Fukushima catastrophe, it seemed that the global nuclear energy industry has been caught in a “dead end”. Nuclear power is playing an irreplaceable role around the world, which could largely reduce carbon emissions, optimize the energy structure and secure electricity supply. According to the World Nuclear Association (WNA), by December 2011, China had 15 operating nuclear power plants in total; 77 were under construction or planned; another 150 were proposed. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s installed nuclear power capacity will reach 40 million kilowatts, with an annual power generation capacity up to 260 billion kilowatt hours, accounting for more than 6% of the country’s total. Meanwhile, the total investment in the nuclear power industry will exceed RMB 450 billion.
Based on the growing domestic demand for power and the high efficiency of nuclear power generation, the construction of No. 3 & 4 nuclear units at Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in Jiangsu Province, suspended due to the Fukushima nuclear crisis in 2011, has restarted to purchase core equipment from Harbin Electric Corporation, while the No.1 Nuclear Unit at Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant has also restarted its infrastructure construction. These moves are deemed as a signal that China may resume approval of new nuclear power plants soon.
Several authoritative speakers have confirmed their participation, including Pal Vincze, Head of Nuclear Power Engineering Section of International Atomic Energy Agency; Professor Roger Cashmore, Chairman of UK Atomic Energy Agency; Zhang Shengdong, Director of Radioactive Chemistry Research Institute/China Institute of Atomic Energy;Tang Zide, Former Vice Chief Engineer, SNPTC; Zhang Donghui, General Manager, Fast Reactor Section, China Institute of Atomic Energy; Sui Yongbin, Chief Engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation. Other senior insiders and professionals are being invited from major stakeholders such as CNNC, CGNPC and SNPEC. The 4th Annual China Nuclear Power Leadership Summit 2012will undoubtedly be a grand gathering of the nuclear power industry.
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