World Metal Recycling Giants Met in China’s Recycling Copper Capital

——The IRMN 2011 Consummated in Qingyuan

International Hotel Qingyuan, Guangdong received more than 150 guests who came to attend the 2nd International Recycling Metal Network 2011 (IRMN 2011) on June 16-17, 2011. These delegates are decision-makers of metal recycling enterprises in mainland China, the United States, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Middle East. The conference was well-attended and highly interactive.
I.              Wide support
IRMN 2011 was hosted by People’s Government of Qingyuan, jointly organized by Recycling Metal Industry Association of Qingyuan and CBI EVENTS and sponsored by China Metal Recycling Holdings Limited. The conference was also endorsed by related authorities at all levels of Qingyuan City and China Customs. Mr. Zhang Fan, Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Qingyuan and Mr. Lai Hongkun, Vice Chairman of CMRA, Chairman of Recycling Metal Industry Association of Qingyuan and President of Qingyuan Jintian Enterprise Co., Ltd. attended the conference and delivered opening remarks. Senior officials from Qingyuan Customs, Qingyuan Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau and Qingyuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau also attended the meeting.
IRMN 2011 also got wide support from leading enterprises and organizations at home and abroad, including Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Bureau of Middle East Recycling (BMR) and China Metal Recycling Holdings Limited.
II.            Substantial content
Speakers made in-depth analysis and thorough exchange on major issues, including comments on China’s customs policies and regulations, development of Chinese metal recycling market, China’s industry park layout, international copper and aluminum prices, spot pricing and hedging, world recycled metal market overview, American export policy and recycled metal market in the Middle East, America and Australia.
Many speeches were well received, such as Review & Interpretation of China's Customs Policies on Recycled Metal Import by Mr. Yang Huakuan, Deputy Division Chief of Guangzhou Customs, Status and Outlook of Global Recycling Metal IndustryBriefing of U.S. Metal Recycling Regulations & Trading Taxes by Mr. Scott J. Horne, General Counsel and Vice President of ISRI and Analysis on China’s Cu Scraps S/D & Industry Evolvement by Mr. Jacky Chun, President and CEO of China Metal Recycling Holdings Limited. Mr. Chun also spelt out his idea of building a mid/long-term electronic trading platform for recycled metal. His idea was highly recognized among other delegates.
III.           Satisfactory results
CBI EVENTS, one of the organizers, carefully arranged a special networking section named Supply/Demand Talk, for sellers and buyers so as to provide an effective communication platform for global clients. Its mission is to make commodities trading easier. IRMN 2011 turned out to be a fruitful and highly interactive event. As of press time, IRMN 2011 has helped to materialize trading contracts valued at USD 500,000. The final amount of contracts to be concluded through this event is expected to be USD 200 million.
Delegates said that scrap metal import prices increased this year due to international price hike and market conditions slightly weakened. IRMN 2011 serves as a platform of effective communication for industry players and help them strengthen mutual understanding, seek cooperation opportunities, achieve mutual benefits and work together to promote industry prosperity. This is of great importance to promoting global trade cooperation of recycled metal and sustainable development of this industry.

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