CHINA WASTE TO ENERGY OUTLOOK 2011 will be held in December


                                     Focusing on the waste to energy in China
SHANGHAI--- As the first conference focusing on the waste to energy in China, the 3rd China Waste to Energy Outlook will be held on December 7th-9th in Shanghai, China. Based on the success of last two times, third annual conference will focus on the main topic: Updating technology and management, powering up low carbon economy.
The "National Urban Waste Disposal Facilities Construction Plan (2011-2015)" begins to be drawn up by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Environmental Protection. It is said that during the twelfth five-year plan, the total investment in municipal solid waste reached 280 billion. Waste power, especially waste incineration power generation plays an important role in reducing the waste. The long term goal of waste power is that the waste used to generate power will take up 30% of the total waste in 2030, and that number was 1% in 2002. China's waste power industry will show a huge room for growth.
Now, the most important thing we must think about is to grasp the trends of new policy and develop the waste power plants suitable for China, to improve management and operational efficiency as well as to prevent secondary pollution, to enrich the investment patterns and to make industrial chain mature.
The Key Topics in the 3rd China Waste to Energy Outlook 2011
Ø The Latest Development of Global Waste Power Industry
Ø Waste Power Industry Policy Interpretation and Market Analysis
Ø China`s Incineration Plant Development Status and Main Problems
Ø To Master the Core Waste Incineration Technology and To Lead the Waste Power Industry
Ø Win in One Fell Swoop – To Create a Glorious Pattern for Waste Power Generation
Ø Green Operation: To Be the Leader of Low-carbon Clean Power supplier
Ø The Advantages and prospects of Landfill Power Generation
Ø To Create a Waste Power Generation System Suitable for the National Conditions
Ø Round Table Discussion: How to Build a Successful Waste Power Generation Project
Ø The Construction of Incineration BOT and Characteristic and Choice of Other Investment and Financing Pattern
Ø Targets of Zhongde Environmental Protection Company and the biggest waste incineration power Generation Corporation
Ø The Latest Achievement in House Refuse Power Generation and Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology Research and Application
Ø Gas Purification – Key Point of Waste Incineration Pollution Control
Ø How to Step out from the Dilemma of the treatment of Filtrate…
For its debut in the year 2009, China WTE Outlook is held at the end of every year in big cities in China. This year’s forum will gather 100+ industry insiders from government agency, industry associations, local environmental sanitation, public work companies, WTE projects investors and operators, waste to energy plants, incineration power generation equipment suppliers, incineration boiler suppliers, refuse truck manufacturers, flue gas treatment system suppliers, and thermal power generation system suppliers etc to join the event.
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