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3rd Annual Steel Raw Materials Summit

How to survive in this perilous market?

Steel industry stepping into low-prot era: three highs and three lows. The status of the steel market is featured as high cost but low price, high productivity but low demand as well as high stock but low sales volume, with the dream of golden September smashed and the silver October remaining low. According to the statistic data, in the rst half of this year, the prots of the domestic major steel manufacturers declined by 95.81% compared to last
year, with a loss rate as high as 33.75%.

The cold wave is approaching to the iron ore market: In 2012, as the economic growth of China slows down, demand from the downstream industry is weak and lowering stock of iron ore is still going on, the price of iron ore in the global market keeps dropping with a gloomy prospect. Meanwhile, the request iron ore being replaced by scrap steel is heating up.

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

As the expectation of China’s economic rebound soars, giants in mining industry increase their production one after another, anticipating a protable market price growth. Meanwhile, both the US QE3 and China’s large-scale infrastructure projects help stimulate the international price of iron ore as well as the BDI to rebound after hitting the bottom. BDI has risen from 661 in 12th September to 1037, up by 60%.

According to the latest statistics of port inventory, up to 19th October, the total volume of iron ore hit a new record low of 90,010,000tons, down by 760,000tons when compared with the last week. Moreover, the total inventory dropped for the second consecutive week in this year, down by 2210,000 tons from a year earlier.

Institutions in foreign countries have released their iron ore swaps, futures, price indexes to drive the nancialization of iron ore trading. Researches on iron ore futures have been established in China’s securities Regulatory Commission. This marks an upcoming era of iron ore futures in the market. The iron ore swaps, iron ore futures, the spot trading platform and the traditional market transactions will thrive and continue to compete wit each other. China has entered the stage of iron ore nancialization....>>More

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CBI EVENTS is a conference and event brand of CBI CHINA, specializing on designing and operation of high-level conferences, industrial exhibitions and professional training in China and aboard. CBI EVENTS, as one of the biggest conference and event organizations in China, has held 400+ conferences, exhibitions and trainings since 2000, attracting 60,000+ participants. In renewable energy sector Nuclear, Wind Power, PV, Energy Storage and EV conference are held successfully every year. In order to develop of renewable energy service industry, vice-premier Li Keqiang, Deputy Director of the National Energy Commission visited our company on February 18th.

For registration please contact

[ Iron Ore Part ] Ms. Elay Zhang
(P) +86 21 5118 3118
(F) +86 21 5155 1608

[ Scrap Steel Part ] Ms. Lily Cao
(P) +86 21 5155 1750
(F) +86 21 5155 1608

Event Feature

  1. Timing
    An annual review of the policy after the 18th CPC National Congress, nding a way out amid the mist

  2. Supply & Demand Innovation
    300+ guests will participate in a simulative business practice through role-playing and team-working

  3. Industry Analysis Combination
    The analysis of 3+ steel raw materials combined together and the uctuation of the cost ratio, oering you an overview of the market status

  4. Speech Focus
    Analysis the market from 6+ aspects, including: policy and planning, latest status of counterparts, alternative trend, downstream demand, industry issues and the future direction it is taking
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