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You can register using any of the following methods:

  1. Hotline:86 21 5118 3118
  2. Email Registration: Please send your details

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For registration please contact

[ Iron Ore Part ] Ms. Elay Zhang
(P) +86 21 5118 3118
(F) +86 21 5155 1608

[ Scrap Steel Part ] Ms. Lily Cao
(P) +86 21 5155 1750
(F) +86 21 5155 1608

Event Feature

  1. Timing
    An annual review of the policy after the 18th CPC National Congress, nding a way out amid the mist

  2. Supply & Demand Innovation
    300+ guests will participate in a simulative business practice through role-playing and team-working

  3. Industry Analysis Combination
    The analysis of 3+ steel raw materials combined together and the uctuation of the cost ratio, oering you an overview of the market status

  4. Speech Focus
    Analysis the market from 6+ aspects, including: policy and planning, latest status of counterparts, alternative trend, downstream demand, industry issues and the future direction it is taking
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