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Asia Pacific Coal Trading & Investment Outlook 2010

As world's biggest coal production and consumption country, China's coal demand keeps on increasing during the past few years. The fact that the decrease of coal import quantity and the increase of export quantity changes Chinese traditional pattern of coal import and export, that is, from net export to net import. In 2009, great decrease occurs to China's coal export quantity, however, that of the import quantity increased sharply, which led to the world, especial the Asian coal market becoming dynamic with the coal price increased at the meantime. According to expects, in 2010, China's net coal import volume is expected to reach 150 million. More>>

Why You Should Attend

Listen to leading experts' prediction on Asia Pacific coal supply and demand
Gain a better understanding of the current dynamics of the international thermal and coking coal markets
Analyze coal investment opportunity
Gain insight into coal import and export scenario in China
Examine infrastructure and transportation challenges faced by the Industry
Promote dialogue between coal producers and coal consumers

Who will attend? More>>

So far, we’ve honored to receive
200+ key players from 100+ leading companies over the world, including:
5+ Government Organization & Industry Association
15+ Coal Producers and Miners
15+ Logistics & Shipping Ports
25+ Coal Consumers (Power Plant, Iron & Steel, Petrochemicals, Cement and Packaging Enterprises)
40+ Coal Traders, Brokers and Suppliers