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Thailand ethanol plant s and Philippines fuel ethanol projects tour.

Thai Ethanol Plants
September 20-21, 2012 

Ekarat Pattana Co., Ltd.

September 20

Ubon Bio Ethanol Company Limited,
Ubon Ratchatheni, Thailand

September 21

Molasses-Ethanol Producer
230,000 liters per day
Industrial grade 95.5% & Fuel grade 99.85%


  1. 13:00 depart from hotel
  2. 15:30 arrive at factory
  3. 16:00 tour around and refreshment
  4. 17:00 depart from factory
  5. 19:30 arrive at hotel

Cassava-Ethanol Producer


  1. 12:00 arrive at Ubon Ratchatheni
  2. 13:00 open address and tour around
    --UBE business
    --ethanol plant (commissioning date, capacity and so on)
  3. 18:00  arrive at Bankok

Who will join the tour from UBE? 
President; Director of sales;
Project manager; Technician team

Tour Fee Package USD 500: including
  1. Transportation(Hotel-EPC Plant, Hotel-Airport)
  2. Flight from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchatheni
  3. Dinner on September 20th. and Lunch on September 21st.
Please send us your passport copy to confirm your participation of the tour visit.
Please make the payment soon so that we can book the fight ticket for you as soon as possible.

Event Features

  • Networking
    Top Asian ethanol producers, suppliers, traders and end-users.
  • Technology
    Coal-based ethanol, steel gas-based ethanol and cellulosic ethanol.
  • Feedstock
    Supply situation of sugarcane, molasses, cassava and sugar.
  • Supply
    Recovery of Brazil and USA; rise of Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan.
  • Downstream
    Fuel policy in Philippines, Japan and Korea; China import opportunities.


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