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2011 China Gas Summit----LPG

In recent years, the gas market has undergone enormous changes, among which including market decline of oil and liquefied gas in civilian market; the upcoming name rectification of dimethyl ether mixture which has been cracked down for many years; the flourishing of gas market and the participation of unconventional gas, coal-gas etc. to the gas market. This year CBI is going to hold " 2011 China Gas Summit". We will focus on the entire gas industry and discuss the future.Hot topics in our concern include (including but are not limited to)

  • During the twelfth five-year plan, our government has proposed to increase the proportion of natural gas in primary energy
  • The basic route of the 3rd pipeline transporting gas from West to East China (hereinafter referred to as the The Third Line Project), which is one of the most important natural gas pipeline in China has been decided and it is expected to begin construction this year
  • Technical Standard for Vehicle Liquefied Natural Gas Fueling Station prepared by the National Energy Administration has been approved ... ...More>>

Who will attend?

By Industry chart01
  12% Big Refinery Factories and Petroleum Companies
  33% Liquid Gas Traders
  6% Downstream Purchasers
  35% The Third Party
  10% Financing Party
  4% Others

For registration please contact Fishow Ma at
+86 21 5118 3112 or

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Why Attend

tickTo listen to the insights of authorities

tickTo know the developing trend of related

tickTo exchange M&A strategies and experiences with industry guests

tickTo plan corporate strategy and to develop investment opportunities

Event Feature:

tickA gas event includes liquefied natural gas, dimethyl ether, unconventional gas, coal-gas.

tickTo check the hot topics of the 2011 gas industry and have an outlook of the gas trend in 2012 based on the year-end situation.


tickTwelfth Five-Year Plan,price reform, the progress of third west-east gas transmission project,pipe network, automotive LNG, etc

tickExhibition + speeches + panel discussion (please refer to the Agenda for details)

tickThe topics and delegates from gas resources to end users—bringing you complete information

tickTwo top-level panel discussions