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2013 CBI Metal Week

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Shanghai CBI Commercial Development Co., Ltd., a brand of CBI Group, is the largest event organizer in commodities market in China. Its predecessor is CBI EVENTS. Its services ranging from industry summit, market forum, business delegation, trade fair, exhibition to training. The company has been working closely with commodities sector, i.e. petrochemicals, energy, iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, paper, agricultural products, etc., and is actively exploring new fields such as mineral resources, new energy, transport and logistics, manufacturing, utilities, finance and investment, etc. Every year, CBI organizes over 300 exhibitions and conferences and serves more than 30,000 professional clients in the above sectors

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CBI Metal Week 2013
9th China International Copper Industry Summit 2013
9th China International Aluminum Industry Summit 2013
8th China International Lead & Zinc Industry Summit 2013
3rd China International Silver Summit 2013
4th Asia Gold Focus 2013

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