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7th China International Natural Gas Market Summit 2012

It’s the third year of the “12th Five Year Plan”. As supply grows in the natural gas market in China, pipeline construction matures and energy conservation and emission reduction policies carry out, demand in the natural gas market has boomed in the past 5 years. Consumption and production grow hand by hand, leading to the prosperity of natural gas industry in China ....>>More

About CBI Events

CBI EVENTS is a conference and event brand of CBI CHINA, specializing on designing and operation of high-level conferences, industrial exhibitions and professional training in China and aboard. CBI EVENTS, as one of the biggest conference and event organizations in China, has held 400+ conferences, exhibitions and trainings since 2000, attracting 60,000+ participants. In renewable energy sector Nuclear, Wind Power, PV, Energy Storage and EV conference are held successfully every year. In order to develop of renewable energy service industry, vice-premier Li Keqiang, Deputy Director of the National Energy Commission visited our company on February 18th.

For registration please contact Ms. Yvonne Dai
(P) +86 21 5155 0719
(F) +86 21 5118 1390

Event Feature

  1. Natural gas and demand pattern in China in 2012

  2. Construction and planning of natural gas pipeline in China

  3. Price and price reform of natural gas in China

  4. New project dynamics, such as natural gas distributed resources and coal based natural gas

  5. Review and prospect of “replacing oil with gas”

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