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2012 at the end of the supply and demand of polyolefin

Shrinking end-market demand as China’s economy slows
China market has suffered a lot from world economic downturn. Since June, major banks cut interest rates and eased lending conditions to give a boost to the economy. In China, end-market demand has severely shrunk, including household appliances, real estate, construction and automobile industries. As a result, demand for chemical products reduced....More>>

Who Will Attend

About CBI Events

CBI EVENTS is a conference and event brand of CBI CHINA, specializing on designing and operation of high-level conferences, industrial exhibitions and professional training in China and aboard. CBI EVENTS, as one of the biggest conference and event organizations in China, has held 400+ conferences, exhibitions and trainings since 2000, attracting 60,000+ participants. In renewable energy sector Nuclear, Wind Power, PV, Energy Storage and EV conference are held successfully every year. In order to develop of renewable energy service industry, vice-premier Li Keqiang, Deputy Director of the National Energy Commission visited our company on February 18th.

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Event Features

  1. A well-organized meeting of industry leaders and representatives

  2. Based on first-hand downstream information

  3. And forecast of market trend in 2013