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Global PX-Polyester Chain Focus 2011

Global PX-Polyester Chain Focus 2011 will be held by CBI EVENTS in Hong Kong from July 4th to 5th of 2011. It’s
the first international summit focusing on the PX-PTA industrial chain.

We have invited leading PX, PTA and PET
suppliers and traders from mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe
and America to exchange views on major issues of the market...>>More

 Who will attend

By job title
General Manager/Managing Director
Product Manager
Purchasing Manager
Sales Manager
Market Director

By industry
Chemical group
Textile enterprise
Petroleum company
Financial institute
Logistics provider
Import and export trader
Technology supplier
Equipment manufacturer
Others (law firm/software company/consulting firm/……)

The Only forum on liquid chemicals shipping and storage in the world
Supported by CDI for Three straight years
Three Hundred previous participants witnessed our growth
Ten-year experience committed to offer customized information